For anyone who enjoyed the Made in NY PSA we debuted in March, we think you’ll like the latest product of our content partnership with New York Tech Meetup

"The Pitch" is the first of our series of "Startup Stories" videos about how to build and grow a great entrepreneurial venture. In this episode, founders and investors from Birchbox, SideTour, Proclivity Media, Of A Kind, Artsicle, Warby Parker, OKCupid, Shelby.TV, TechStars and Union Square Ventures share their insights and advice about what it takes to craft a great pitch. Stay tuned for more episodes to come!

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    It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — pitching is an art form, and the start of all great projects. As a...
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    Another series that I shot and edited. This one was fun because it was educational. I learned a lot from just sitting in...