You’ve got a VC’s attention. What do you want to know?

We’ve very excited to announce a new contributor here at the NASDAQ Tumblr!  From now on, we’ll be syndicating posts from venture capitalist David Pakman’s blog, Disruption. Even more exciting: the Venrock partner has agreed to answer questions from readers in a monthly feature we’re calling “Ask A VC.” Here’s how it works: We’ve enabled our “Ask Me Anything” function, which you’ll find at this link. Whenever you find yourself with a burning question related to investments, access to capital, or anything else venture funding-related, go ahead and send it our way. David will pick a few to answer each month in his new column. Feel free to post your questions below, as well.

Let’s get cracking! What do you want to know?

  1. capitalistconcept answered: Great idea! How do you negociate with a VC on valuation?
  2. afknm answered: …everything…
  3. prnc-yuan answered: What are the basics of stock investment?