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    The New York Times R&D Lab Explores How Content is Shared

    OWNI published its thoughts on the ten most creative digital projects of 2011. Included is work from MIT’s Media Lab, independent artists and scientists, design firms and open collaborations.

    Above, we have Cascade from the New York Times R&D department.

    Via OWNI:

    Cascade is a by NYTimes R&D department that allows precise analysis of the structures that underlie sharing activity on the web. Initiated by Mark Hansen and working with Jer Thorp and Jake Porway (Data Scientist at the Times) the team spent 6 months building the tool to understand how information propagates through the social media space. While initially applied to New York Times stories and information, the tool and its underlying logic may be applied to any publisher or brand interested in understanding how its messages are shared.

    Take some time to click through to watch some inspiration.

    Over the last decade, the news business has transformed itself from the most analog of industries into an increasingly digital enterprise. Check out the video for a look at the tools they’re developing to better leverage social media.

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