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    What’s the deal with women and startups?

    What accounts for the gender disparity among entrepreneurs? Last week, Penelope Trunk offered a provocative explanation using herself as a case study. Her third startup, Brazen Careerist, will be moving to Washington, D.C. — without her. She says it’s a simple choice between family and the grueling startup lifestyle, and women don’t want to sacrifice their prime years for childbearing and rearing.

    It’s an intriguing argument. As a counterpoint, consider this Q&A with Gotham Gal Joanne Wilson, who focuses specifically on women entrepreneurs. She says tells O’Reilly Radar, “This whole nonsensical thing of not enough women in tech, not enough women CEOs, not enough women on the board — guess what? If we invest in women entrepreneurs, we’d change the game because they’re all CEOs. It’s pretty easy to do.”

    What’s keeping women from launching their own companies? And what can the startup scene do to support more diversity among founders?

    Monday, December 19, 2011

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